Optimized Payments is an Atlanta-based consulting firm that leverages its proprietary software and associates’ broad payments industry experience and insights to help all types of businesses manage their payment processing costs and improve their bottom line.

All of our consulting engagements are centered on making lasting and substantial improvements to the performance of merchant services for our clients. We define our success by the impact we make on our clients’ bottom line. If Optimized Payments doesn’t deliver measurable results, our clients don’t pay a fee. Some clients, however, engage us on a fixed fee basis.  Our consultants stay abreast of payment industry regulations, product initiatives and market developments to ensure we deliver the most up to date expertise.

We value our clients time and have developed a methodology that allows them to focus on their operations while we manage all aspects of merchant services. We analyze areas of product, processes, and pricing optimization, recommend strategies, and then implement our recommendations. Within a short period of engaging us, our clients have an estimate of how we will impact their bottom line.  http.//  



ESM is a suite of web-based applications that facilitate robust strategy/BSC and performance management throughout an organization. ESM+Perform enables organizations to link performance reviews directly to the organizational strategy, while increasing collaboration, positioning personal performance in the right context for execution, and increasing the level of participation and engagement of employees.

With over 16 years of history it is the original BSC SaaS platform and the only strategy management software created under the guidance of Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton - creators of the Balanced Scorecard methodology. ESM was born out of the consulting industry to meet the needs of strategy practitioners worldwide. CPM, Risk, Employee Performance, Initiative Programs integrate with ESM so you can execute on all facets of your corporate strategy in one place. 


Kyrris is a strategic marketing and communications agency located in Detroit, Michigan. Work with us, and we’ll ask questions that make you really think about who you are and what you do. We’ll experiment with your products and study your services. We’ll probe through the motivations of your customers.

Then we’ll review your competitors and talk about trends taking place in the industry. From all of this, we’ll develop messaging that pops and helps you connect.

There is more. We’ll recommend marketing channels that are both effective and efficient. As audiences and technologies evolve, we adapt right along with them. Our mission is to help your company or organization build new, strong and lasting customer relationships.

We love doing this. We live and breathe it every day. You will always get our very best.